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    The improved special papermaking blanket for special paper was successfully developed and put into m Release time: 2008-06-17 Visited: 2817 Times

    The improved special papermaking blanket developed by Xuzhou Jinguan Industrial Wool Co., Ltd. has been successfully developed through the unremitting efforts of engineering and technical personnel, and has recently been successfully introduced to the market and formed mass production.

    Special papermaking blanket for special paper is a special papermaking blanket specially used for producing special paper. It is mainly composed of fiber layer and base cloth (bottom net) layer. It adopts specific raw materials and special production process to achieve the special performance required by paper.

    The special papermaking blanket developed by Jinguan Company consists of two series: hard base series and soft base series. The main difference between these two products lies in the base fabric (bottom net) of the blanket. The former uses nylon healds of different fineness ( Monofilament or ply-twisted yarn) and different structures are woven into the bottom net. The latter uses nylon filaments with different finenesses and weaves into base fabrics with different warp and weft densities and texture structures at low twist.

    The predecessor of the improved special paper making blanket for special paper is the soft base special paper making blanket. Although the original blanket has the advantages of soft and delicate blanket surface and no hidden shadow on the paper surface, it still has insufficient warp strength and poor dimensional stability. , The water filtration resistance is too large and other shortcomings, the engineering and technical personnel of Jinguan Company have obtained complete and accurate information on the demand for paper machines and paper types, and blanket use information through multiple field observations and experiments, and adjusted the variety of raw materials and process ratio; formulated After reasonable tests on the weaving process parameters of the base fabric, the perfect performance of the soft paper special papermaking blanket was finally obtained, which met the special needs of some papermaking forming blankets with a length of more than 50M and a width of more than 3M. After passing on the paper machine Using it, the customer feels particularly satisfied with its effect.

    The improved special paper blanket for special paper is mainly suitable for the production of cigarette paper, securities paper, decorative paper, tissue packaging paper, filter paper, craft paper, technology paper, science and technology military paper for special structure paper machine. Paper and other paper types with special properties and uses.