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    The new BOM blanket (MG blanket) was successfully developed and put into mass production Release time: 2008-06-24 Visited: 2906 Times

    A BOM blanket, also known as MG blanket, commonly known as support blanket or sticking blanket. It is specially used as a Yankee (Yanke) roller press blanket for the production of specific paper types. It has high temperature and anti-aging properties for blankets. The requirements for abrasion resistance, depilation performance, dimensional stability, surface smoothness and water filtration and ventilation performance are extremely strict, which play a key role in the quality of paper production.

    The early BOM blanket produced by Xuzhou Golden Crown Industrial Co., Ltd. is a second-generation papermaking blanket that replaces the BOB blanket. Compared with the BOB papermaking blanket, it has resistance to high line pressure, good elastic recovery, wear resistance, and water filtration. It has obvious advantages such as good air permeability and long service life, but some special paper types still can not meet the requirements during use. There are also excessive water content at the initial stage, too long initial adaptation time, insufficient smoothness and smoothness on the surface, and hair removal and hair loss. There are still shortcomings such that the felt loses its elasticity in a short period of time, resulting in poor water filtration and breathability. To this end, based on the original felt process technical parameters, the engineering and technical personnel of Jinguan Company absorbed the experience of advanced foreign felt production companies, combined with the use requirements of paper machines and the performance changes of different papers, the bottom mesh organization structure and fiber of the felt The thickness and layer setting of the layer should be adjusted reasonably; the needling process, carding process and setting process should be set reasonably; the key equipment should be improved reasonably, and the final product will get a great performance Improve, eliminate some of the shortcomings of the original product, put into use after mass production, to achieve the desired effect.

    At present, Golden Crown has not only developed a new type of single-layer BOM blanket, but also developed a double-layer composite BOM blanket, and formed a BOM blanket series to meet the pressure of some rollers and require a good water filtration and permeability of the felt. The machine's demand for specific paper types plays a great role in reducing carpet marks, the difference between the two sides of the paper, reducing the amount of steam in the dryer, preventing the paper from drying too quickly, and increasing the speed of the car.