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    Sweden imported 15M wide-width heavy loom smoothly put into production Release time: 2008-09-28 Visited: 2879 Times

    On September 28, 2008, Xuzhou Jinguan Industrial Wool Co., Ltd. introduced a 15M wide heavy loom from Sweden's TEXO company, which was successfully put into operation, which marked Xuzhou Jinguan Industrial Wool Co., Ltd.'s The work of supporting high-speed, wide-width paper machines to produce medium and high-grade paper grades has taken a substantial step forward.

          This heavy-duty loom is manufactured by the world-famous loom production company and Swedish TEXO Company with more than 60 years of development history. It is currently the widest heavy-duty loom in the domestic papermaking felt industry. Since its introduction in late 2007, the engineering and technical personnel of Xuzhou Golden Crown Industrial Co., Ltd., under the leadership of chairman Wang Xinwen, used less than three months to overcome difficulties and make full use of their skilled skills and expertise. The technical force successfully installed the loom two months in advance. After a short period of debugging, it was successfully put into normal production on September 28.

          At present, the special bottom net for BOM paper felts woven by this heavy loom not only has the characteristics of uniform bottom net, flat surface, thick and large warp and weft density, but also is more suitable for weaving thick and heavy bottom with more than two layers of complex structure At the same time, it completely solves the problem of bottom weaving (without plugging), which is a performance that cannot be achieved by ordinary looms.

          The key performance of the high-wire pressed bottom papermaking blanket (BOM blanket) mainly comes from the bottom net layer. The quality of the bottom net directly determines the performance of the BOM blanket, and the bottom net woven by the ordinary loom can only meet the production. Ordinary BOM blankets meet the needs of narrow-width, low-speed paper machines to produce general paper types. Such BOM paper blankets have disadvantages such as uneven texture, unstable size, poor elastic recovery, uneven dehydration, poor water filtration performance, and serious nip jump. . The bottom net woven by the above-mentioned heavy-duty looms is mainly used for the production of double-layer composite medium-high-grade BOM paper-making blankets. Such paper-making blankets are mainly used to meet the needs of high-end paper production by wide-width and high-speed paper machines. Completely solve the many shortcomings of ordinary BOM blankets; at the same time, it can also completely solve the loop weaving problem of BOM blankets with a length of 29M, without the need to use the bottom net insertion process; and the structure of the bottom net is more flexible and the varieties are more diversified. ; It has the characteristics of uniform dehydration in the nip, high water filtration efficiency, smooth and delicate blanket surface, stable size, good elastic recovery, small nip vibration, long service life, etc., especially suitable for vacuum composite pressing of medium and high speed paper machines, large roll diameter Press types such as presses and shoe presses make paper types such as newsprint, cultural paper, white card (board) paper, packaging paper, and high-end household paper.

          Xuzhou Golden Crown Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint-venture technology innovation enterprise. The product is positioned as a medium-to-high-grade paper blanket. The smooth operation of the loom will undoubtedly improve the company's hardware facilities and product quality by one grade The production of high-end papermaking blankets required for medium and high speed paper machines lays a solid foundation; it also advances the adoption of national products to replace imported products; it injects new vitality into the company's competition in the market.