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    Xuzhou Jinguan Industrial Co., Ltd. unveiled at Shanghai International Paper Fair Release time: 2008-09-28 Visited: 2817 Times

    A few days ago, Xuzhou Golden Crown Industrial Fabric Co., Ltd. organized a delegation to participate in the 16th China International Pulp, Paper and Paper Products Industry Exhibition hosted by the American Klaus Company in Shanghai, with great results.

          From September 16th to 19th, 2008, led by Han Bangchun, deputy general manager of Xuzhou Golden Crown Industrial Co., Ltd., and chairman Wang Xinwen personally participated in the 16th China International Pulp, Paper and Paper Products Industry Exhibition At the show, the participating team is composed of relevant personnel from the sales department and the foreign trade department. The leaders of Shanghai Golden Crown Company also visited the scene.

          This exhibition is sponsored by American Krauss Corporation and China Paper Development Corporation. It is the largest professional papermaking exhibition in China and is held once a year. Xuzhou Golden Crown Industrial Co., Ltd.'s participation in this exhibition focused on the "new generation of papermaking blankets", highlighting the company's technical strength and product development. Golden Crown’s booth exchanges were fierce. Not only many domestic customers are interested in Golden Crown’s products, but also many merchants from India, Pakistan, Iran and other countries have a keen interest in the new generation of paper blankets produced by Golden Crown.

          At the meeting, Chairman Wang Xinwen and Vice President Han Bangchun not only reunited many old friends, but also made many new friends. Both parties took this opportunity to recount their old feelings and talk about the future, mainly on the use of products, the development of new products and the development of both companies They fully exchanged opinions, especially Vice President Han Bangchun carefully listened to customers’ feedback on product usage and suggestions, and gave customers a comprehensive notification on the next development of Golden Crown Company and the research and development of new products. Customers have a deeper understanding of the development and product development of Xuzhou Golden Crown Company. Chairman Wang Xinwen and customers and peer leaders made in-depth discussions on the next development trend of the papermaking industry, and expressed his own views on the development direction and countermeasures of the papermaking felt industry, and clarified the development direction and product positioning standards of the company.

          Through this exhibition, Golden Crown Company not only demonstrated its good image to relevant customers in the paper industry, but also broadened the horizons of the company's marketing staff and improved their own quality.