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    The second production line of Xuzhou Golden Crown Industrial Co., Ltd. was successfully put into ope Release time: 2008-06-24 Visited: 3241 Times

    A few days ago, after 2 months of equipment transformation, installation and commissioning, the No. 2 acupuncture production line of Jinguan Company was successfully put into production.

    The production line is a 4.6M wide-width needle punching machine, which had many problems such as low production efficiency, insufficient needle punching force, and poor needle punching effect. Under the personal guidance and leadership of Chairman Wang Xinwen, the equipment was used for two months After a complete technical transformation, the modified needle punching machine adopts advanced technologies such as double-sided laying, heavy-duty needle punching, computer needle design, etc., which can not only produce 800 ~ 1500 g / m2 single-layer, double-layer, laminated BOM blanket It can also produce high-weight, multi-layer bottom net composite BOM paper-making blankets with a weight above 1600g / m2. The flatness and fineness of the surface of the blanket produced, the tightness of the blanket and the phenomenon of bottom wire breakage have been largely solved. The quality of the BOM blankets produced has been significantly improved.

    After the papermaking blankets produced by this production line were put into use, customers reported that the surface of the paper produced was significantly smoother and smoother, the paper marks were lighter, the blankets were dense and wear-resistant, the dimensions were stable, the elasticity recovered well, the initial adaptability was improved, the speed was increased, and the service life It is longer than the original felt, and is especially suitable for high-speed paper machines to make packaging paper such as newsprint, high-end cultural paper, special paper and board (card) paper as vacuum press blankets, large-roll blind press blankets and shoe press blankets. use.