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    Development and application of paper blanket for shoe press Release time: 2020-05-27 Visited: 470 Times

    Development and application of paper blanket for shoe press

    With the rapid development of China's paper industry, some large-scale high-speed paper machines are more and more favored by people. In order to further improve the operation speed of paper machines, the engineering and technical personnel in the paper-making and paper-making equipment industry try their best to improve the dehydration efficiency of paper machines. It is undoubtedly the most economical and effective to further improve the dehydration efficiency of the press section. Therefore, the shoe press It is widely used to improve the dewatering efficiency of the press section of paper machine.


    Before that, all domestic shoe pressing devices and shoe covers need to be imported. In recent years, with the joint efforts of the technical personnel in the paper industry, shoe pressing devices have been fully localized, which further promotes the wide application of shoe pressing in different types of paper machines and different types of paper.

    More than a decade ago, almost all blankets used for shoe press in China were imported. In recent years, the rapid development of the paper industry has also promoted the development of the paper-making web blanket industry. The domestic paper blanket which fully meets the operation needs of the high-speed paper machine with shoe press came into being.

    In recent years, the engineering and technical personnel of Xuzhou Jinguan industrial Woolen Co., Ltd. give full play to their advantages in hardware and software in product development, take the lead in the industry, develop and develop a special paper blanket for shoe press with full independent intellectual property rights, and widely used in many high-speed paper machines with shoe press.

    The shoe press special paper blanket developed by the company is a kind of compound structure of ring-shaped endless oblique weave multi axial single silk bottom net, which is a product with high technical content and superior performance. The product is made of imported raw materials, imported heavy-duty wide width equipment and special equipment designed and manufactured independently. It is widely used in many high-speed packaging paper machines with shoe press, high-speed cultural paper machines, high-speed toilet paper machines and high-speed special paper machines, etc., showing good anti compaction and elastic recovery performance, excellent organizational uniformity and water filtering performance, extremely High surface smoothness, fine performance and many other irreplaceable superior performance, can completely replace the same kind of imported products, by the user's praise.